Tuesday, December 19, 2006

3D Desktop II (Mandriva is just a joke!!)

I have talked about 3D Desktop in those popular linux distro before, and the last one i have tried is Mandriva 2007 Free.

Here comes my comment first: Mandriva 2007 Free is not for human beings!!

Let's see what happened to me. Ok, the whole installation is nice and user friendly. I choosed to get it auto login to "guest" with "drak3d" (this is how mandriva calls the 3D Desktop).

In the first boot, I would expect it enter X with xgl enabled. But nightmare comes. When X appears to me it asked me to provide root password, then it pops up a dialogue box and tells me that 3D desktop is not supported without a hint and reason. Then X restarted, the same thing i mentioned happened again. root password and then dialogue box.

I tried to google for a reason, WTF, there are ppl suggesting that we need to install "compiz". For those who of you dont know what is compiz, compiz the core component of 3D Desktop. What? It is not installed ?? @#XYZZ@$%&

I tried to google for some more manuals in the web, but you know what? Mandriva materials are mainly non-english, languages that you can think of over europe.

Finally the one that help is written in italian. OMG!

Luckily with a lot trial and guess and luck, i managed to make it work.

Let me repeat my comment for Mandriva 2007 Free: it is not for human beings!!

Bet your luck if you would like to try Mandriva. And may the god bless you.

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